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WiFi6 AX840-P2

  • Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Ceiling Access Point
  • 1800Mbps dual band data rate
  • Allow to access 150+ end users
  • Watchdog support
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Hardware Specification
Chipset IPQ6000
Standard 802.11ax/ac/b/g/n
Flash SPI NOR 8MB (1.8v) + NAND 128MB
DDR3L 512MB*2=1GB
2.4G Frequency 2.4GHz - 2.484GHz
2.4G Wi-Fi standard 802.11b/g/n/ax
5.8G Frequency 5150~5850MHz
5.8G Wi-Fi Standard 802.11 a/n/ac/ax
Interface 1 * 10/100 /1000 RJ45 WAN Port
1 * 10/100 /1000 RJ45 LAN Port
1 * Reset button, press 10 seconds to revert to default setting
Antenna Build in 4*4dBi dual band MIMO Antenna
Data Rate 1800Mbps
End Users 150+
2.4G RF Power ≤ 20dBm
5.8G RF Power ≤ 19dBm
2.4G Receive Sensitivity 802.11b 11M -90dBm 1M -98dBm
802.11g 54M -77dBm 6M -93dBm
802.11n HT20 MCS7 -72dBm MCS0 -92dBm
802.11n HT40 MCS7 -71dBm MCS0 -90dBm
802.11ax HT20 MCS11 -63dBm MCS0 -93dBm
802.11ax HT40 MCS11 -60dBm MCS0 -91dBm
5.8G Receive Sensitivity 802.11a 54M -77dBm 6M -95dBm
802.11n HT20 MCS7 -75dBm MCS0 -93dBm
802.11n HT40 MCS7 -72dBm MCS0 -91dBm
802.11ac HT20 MCS7 -74dBm MCS0 -93dBm
802.11ac HT40 MCS7 -72dBm MCS0 -91dBm
802.11ac HT80 MCS9 -62dBm MCS0 -88dBm
802.11ax HT20 MCS11 -63dBm MCS0 -93dBm
802.11ax HT40 MCS11 -60dBm MCS0 -90dBm
802.11ax HT80 MCS11 -56dBm MCS0 -87dBm
2.4G EVM 802.11b: ≤-10 dB; 802.11g: ≤-25 dB; 802.11n: ≤-28dB ;                802.11ac: ≤-32 dB; 802.11ax: ≤-35 dB
5G EVM 802.11a: ≤-25 dB; 802.11n: ≤-28 dB; 802.11ac: ≤-32 dB;           802.11ax: ≤-35 dB
PPM ±20ppm
DC 12V----1.5A
PoE 48V (IEEE 802.3at)
LED light Sys, WAN, LAN
Power Consumption ≤ 14W
Size 186*186*35.8mm

Firmware Specification
Working Mode Gateway, AP
Wireless Functions Multiple SSID functions: 2.4GHz: 4; 5.8GHz: 4.
Support SSID hidden
Support seamless roaming, 802.11kvr standard.
Support 5G Prior for a faster Ethernet.
Wireless Security: Open, WPA, WPA2PSK_TKIPAES, WAP2_EAP, 802.1x
Support MAC filter
Support Wi-Fi time on/off to save energy
Support client isolation to improve the wireless stability
Support RF power adjustable, adjust the RF power based on environment.
Support user quantity limited, Max 64 users to access each band.
Networking Function VLAN settings
Cloud access support in gateway mode
Device Management Back-up the configuration
Restore the configuration
Reset to factory default
Reboot the device: including time reboot or reboot immediately
Admin management password modify
Firmware upgrade
System log
Support firmware GUI web management, AC controller management, remote management and cloud management
Protocols IPv4